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Welcome to Jetset Charter.

If you’re looking for a premium jet charter service that works hard to cater to your every need and obtain the lowest possible price for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Jetset Charter we’ll be pleased to organize your next private air charter flight to any destination in the world. Simply contact us online or by phone, and we’ll respond with a quote within 30 minutes.

We don’t own the aircraft we provide – rather we act as a broker for more than 6000 privately owned jets parked in different locations across the globe. This allows us to offer you a huge selection of airplanes of all sizes and levels of luxury, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. With our worldwide air charters you can travel to and from your business meeting, conference, family gathering or wedding on your own schedule, and make any number of stops or side trips along the way.

Jetset Charter’s on demand flight service provides the kind of premium travel experience you just won’t get from a commercial carrier. These are some of the exclusive benefits you enjoy with our private air charters:

JetSetCharter.net Benefits: Privacy:
When you charter a private plane, you and your guests have the whole aircraft to yourselves. Since you don’t have to share the space with strangers, you can work, discuss business or just relax and take advantage of the on-board entertainment facilities in a friendly, confidential atmosphere. On most of our jets, we can provide gourmet catering to rival any top-class restaurant – in the luxury of your own cabin.

JetSetCharter.net Benefits: Comfort:
Our concierge service will ensure that your trip goes smoothly from start to finish. With a Jetset Charter flight you avoid having to line up with the crowds at the airport. Your limousine simply delivers you straight to the aircraft, where your luggage is loaded on while your check-in procedures are conducted in the comfort of the cabin. Then you can sit back and relax in your generously-sized seat, sample the in-flight movies and music, and request a drink from the bar while waiting for your favorite meal to be prepared by our flight attendants.

JetSetCharter.net Benefits: Point to Point Travel:
Did you know that we can fly to 10 times as many airports as any commercial airline? This gives you the flexibility to travel to an out-of-the-way spot, depart from a small airport near your office or home, and get as close as possible to your final destination. You won’t be dependent on airline schedules, and can change your travel plans at any time.

JetSetCharter.net Benefits: Time savings:
When you use a private air charter you don’t need to worry about airport procedures and security checks, which saves you a huge amount of time on each trip. You’ll also experience fewer flight delays when using smaller airports. Now you can maximize your time and get your job done more efficiently by visiting several locations in a single day – and still be home in time for dinner. Both your business and your family will thank you for flying with Jetset Charter!


International Charter Flights:

Miami | Los Angeles | New York City | Las Vegas | Dallas | Houston | Chicago | Philadelphia | DC | Seattle | Boston | Florida | New York | California | Texas | Washington and ALL other cities…WORLDWIDE!


" In one phone call Jetset Charter was able to find the specific aircraft that I requested. They handled everything from my rental car to catering on the flight…and I paid thousands less than I am used to. " S. Johnston  |   view all testimonials

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